Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Meaning of Popularity

For those of you out there, there are two meanings of popularity that people often get confused with. The first one is the most one people think of, it is.......Being a "prep" and thinking your better than everyone else, you get watever you want, andyou THINK people think your some kindove godess. The other meaning that not many people think about is popularity means wanting to be well liked, wanting to be everyones friend, and wanting to be well thought of. I want to be the second kind of popular. Its something i strive for in life. It helps me be the best person i can be.

Now, im not going to lie. My first few years at middle school I was not any of those things. No one knew who i was, no one really liked me, and i wasnt really idk with it. My last year at middle school i stirved to be the best i could be and to make as many people as possible to like me. And i succeded. Now granted, not everyone can like you, but for the majority im pretty well liked. The reason i wanted to write this post was to prove that wanting to be the second kind of popular isnt a bad thing.

Now, like i said before, not everyone is alwayz going to like you. And i know two that dont. But thats okay. I hope they seee this and stop and think, and realize everything they have said, the things they have done, the people they have hurt, and how to make a real, sincere, loving apology. And if they do that i hope they realize that they have to respect the decisions that are made and the consequences.

Me holly, and allie know you guys arnt sorry and our revenge on you, ignoring you. And so far its working.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


I know it has been forver, since i last updated its just thi ssummer has been so BUSY! Its just crazy. I hope you all are having a fun summer and getting to go to lots of pools and beaches :] I know i have. WEll, obviously school is out and the kast day was very emotional. Me and my friends sobbed for hours on the last day and kept giving each other hugs. It was EXTREMELY sad. I just cant believe Im going to be a freashman in highschool. It shocks me everytime. But i am excited. I know high school will be fun!

Okay, this summer holly and i went on a a retreat with our church. I had the most fun of my life there. I was totally upset that my parents where making me go on this thing. And then when i found out it was a 10 and a half hour bus ride, it didnt get much better! And then the first day, i got sick and threw up 21 times. It was not good. And then we decided just to stay away from all meats becuase I got food posioning. Anyway, it was an ah-mazing experience that i will never forget and i feel like a new person.

I also have been confirmed into my church and i have some really good pictures from that, that i will be posting soon.
I also have some good pictuers from formal. I am excited to say, i was crowned queen, of the 2008 formal. I have some pictures of me and my crown! I will also be posting those.

Anyway, pretty much since then nothing new has happened, just same old same old. Beach, gym, friends, pool, shopping, babaysitting, sleeping in late, vacation, and tutoring (unfortunantly).

Oh, and by the way my team took 3rd at state. We are only a rec team and all the others were classic and challenge and we did so well. We all were very proud!

Ill be posting pictures soon, of my formal, beach, and my confirmation.

Ill post new pictures soon!

♥ always,

Monday, March 31, 2008

Asta Lavista

Hey Guys I am leaving on Thursday to go someplace special....Ill be back soon though incase I dont do another post before then....take the quiz to guess where Im going....Holly you cant take it....anyway the winner of last weeks quiz was..................ABERCROMBIE and AMERICAN EAGLE! Yeah! Thats the one I voted for! Have a wonderful Spring Break I will post pictures as soon as I get back

♥ always, Gracie

Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay, well is there really such thing as a shopiholic? I have these sudden urges to just randomly go out and shop until I have no money left and that is NOT a good thing. I have been shopping everyday since Friday and the scary factor I have bought tons of stuff everytime! It is crazy......does anyone else have this problem. Its like if I dont see anything I like but I have money I just freak out and buy something Im not even that crazy about. Liek today I had money left so I went in this random store and I bought a dress I didnt even like. So, I am going to take it you think there is therapy for something like this :) Anyway, I went to Charleston this past weekend and it was lots of fun. Any way the winner of last weeks quiz was Hannah Montana with Nobody's Perfect with 7 votes, 43%. Which Ill admit, I voted for but I love all of those songs. Should've Said No by Taylor Swift came in second with 6 votes, 37%. Then Shwty Get Loose by Lil Mama with 3 votes, 18%. Last, Stay by Sugarland with 0 votes. It was a close one! Make sure to take the next one which I am not sure what it will be yet. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment. Also, any suggestions for teh shopiholic anyone elese have the same problem....please say Im not the only one out there with this problem :)
Anyway ♥ you all!

Monday, March 17, 2008


OMG! I was over at Holly's house and all the sudden BAM!!!!! Holly goes look up. I looked up and saw huge black birds circling over Holly's house. Little gracie started yelling and then out of no where the birds swopped down and and was probably 8 feet above us and we freakin freaked! Holly ran little gracie up to the poarch saying "dont worry hunny I will protect you." I was like "What about me Holly?" Holly's response was "Oh you will be fine..grab her turtle shoes." Yeah, thanks Holly! I appriciate it! NOT! Finally, after 10 to 15 minutes on the poarch they slowly went away. The bird also had a posse. Yes, creapy, I know. Well, how are you guys....any new concearns? Everything is pretty good. Lilly made sunrise singers but they didnt have enough people try out so thats the only reason why she made it....anyway, we will support her anyway. I will be leaving for Charleston soon where we will celebrate Easter there. Also, I would also like to wish you all a Happy St. Patricks Day!

A new thing I am going to try and do for my blog is a quiz. So, remeber to check that out. Well, have a great rest of the week, great Easter, and a great St. Patricks day! Jodie, still praying for you guys!

♥ you all,

(Dont forget to take the quiz)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Prayers Are Needed......

I did a text above that will always be up there....however, I heart ached so bad for this family I had to do a post for them. I dont know how many of you all have been to but her little boy, Tyler, has been diagnosed with lukemia. I feel for them....I really do. My parents are always telling me that they wouldnt know what to do if something were to happen to me or lilly....I know everything is going to get better though....I just know! So my prayers are with you Tyler! Get better soon!

Always have faith,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hangin With Holly and Egg Babies

Hey Guys!

Well first I am going to tell you all about my egg baby! In my health class we got an hard boiled egg that we had to carry around all day. To lunch, recess, to any other classes. It was a pain. You did get a grade on this project. Well, for lunch I didnt know what to do with my egg baby, Cracky Smacky Jr. so I put him in my lunch box with my friend's Natalie's egg, Stanley. Well, halfway through I took them out and Natalie's was cracked...and I mean REALLY cracked. So she started yelling at me and finally I said will you chill if I drop mine and yes, to get her to calm down I dropped mine. One of my friends died laughing as he picked it up. It was smashed to pieces. However, I had dropped it twice before then. So then later that day my teacher knocked it off my then it was pretty much dead......great huh! Here are some pictures of poor, Cracky Smacky Jr.

Cracky Smacky Jr. all cracked :(

The bottom of my precious egg!

Cracky in his crib!

Closed up in his room for the night

All bandaged up!

Any way moving on.....last night I hung out with Holly and we had a pretty CRAZY time! We colored, looked through magazines, listiened to music, ate popcorn and had a dangerous marker fight....but it all good....Any way here are some pictures of me and Holly just chillin out!



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday's Quotes

Hey Guys....
Well, I got this really cute book from my aunt called Go Girl and it has tons of quotes from real famous women......the first one is.....

Wake up with a smile
and go after life
Live it, enjoy it, taste it,
smell it, feel it.

~Joan Knapp

Well, that is my qoute for Tuesday...have a great rest of the week!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey You Guys.....

I HAVE BEEN SICK AND IT STINKS REALLY BAD!!!! Saturday night I had a really high fever and we couldnt get it to go down so my parents gave me advil and made me get in a FREEZING tub to try and get me to cool down......finally about 3 hours later I felt much better and it was down to 100. However, little Gracie, Holly's sister has a really bad sickness and I am sure Holly will soon post it on her please send kinds thoughts toward Holly and her family and of course Gracie. Now my cimputer got screwed up so I never was really able to finish it so here is my lat post, that I really nevered finished.........

I would like to welcome Leah back into the blogging world. Go to my comments on the last post and her name is obviously Leah....I believe her blog is called God's Girl 4ever. But I couldnt swear to it!Well, have you ever had one of those days where you dont have anything to do and then suddenly you find something so stupid but yet it intertains you?!?!?!? Well my friend Bryanna was over here the other day and we found some stirafoam (spelling is wrong...yes I know ; ) hearts that were sticky and we made a heart sculpture and it was pretty tall too. Enjoyed the pictures and have a good week if I dont post anything before its over!

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